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Chrisfold Chayera was born and resides in Malawi, Africa, is an artist extraordinaire. He became crippled at the age of 11

new pic 4after a suffering from malaria attack that later became polio. Because his limbs are dead, he paints using his mouth rather than his hands. Chayera says he was born a talented artist and was the best art pupil at school. But after Malaria, he could no longer draw due to paralysis. Little by little, however, he learned to paint using his mouth.

Today Chrisfold Chayera is happily married, has children and mentors other artists, both physical and able.   In addition, Chrisfold works as an advocate for others with disabilities in Malawi and serves as a member of VSA (Very Special Arts) of Malawi, organization based out of Washington DC that assists people with disabilities pursue their artistic passions.  Chayera believes he is blessed to have overcome such a significant disability and he continues to purse his other passion he loves most in his little spare time ―paint.

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