Noel Bisai

new noahNoel Bisai is a Malawi native born in a small village in the southern rural region of the country. Noel was never formerly taught how to paint, instead around the age of 12yr old he moved from the rural area of Malawi to live with his elder brother, a well known artist to the locals, it was then Noel discovered his passion for the arts.  His elder brother took Noel under his wings and Noel felt very fortunate to have his sibling guide him in becoming successful enough to make a living doing art.  He took every opportunity to shadow his elder brother being that he was so successful. Every day Noel would practice his making his paintings with the criticism of his brother.   Witnessing him brothers success despite the disability inspired Noel to achieve his artist ambitions.  In 1996 his brother suddenly passed away,  Noel knew after his brother passing that he had to carry his brothers legacy.

He now lives in the capital city with his wife and 7 children,  selling artwork to tourists. In addition to selling his art, Noel has found his true calling and is now a preacher in Lilongwe.  He still does his artwork when he has the time.  Noels ambition is to grow his art cliental internationally in order to assist him in expanding his ministry.


new noahLARGEfinal (76)


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