PETER MKOWEKA profile – batik artist

peter mkoweka pic artistic

Peter Mkoweka was born on 22 September 1972 and is now married with three children, a chewa by tribe.   He is the third born child in the family of eight children whom are all artists in their own rights. It wasn’t until 2001 that he begun to take art seriously after being inspired by his late brother Ted Mkoweka.  Now he is established as an artist and is one of the best batik artist in all of Malawi, known for vibrant colorful batiks very similar to Ted’s style of batiks. He makes most of his sells in the local streets to tourist and visitors alike.

When Peter isn’t painting nor holding exhibitions he farms as his form of trade to make a living. Since Malawi tourism has been on the decline over the last few years he has had to rely on his farming trade in order to support his family.  His ambition is to become well known internationally and become the great artist his late brother Ted inspired him to become.

resized-Zimbras brown sky (PM 12) resized-(CROPPED) Giraffes (PM 1)


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