ELLIS TAYAMIKA SINGANO profile – batik artist


Ellis Tayamika Singanoborn in a family of 6 in Blantyre, Malawi, now he resides in Lilongwe.  He  started painting batik at the age of 10, learned batik from his father, who was also an artist.   As a youth his ambition was always to be a scientist not an artist. Unfortunately after his father suddenly become very ill Ellis helped completed some of his unfinished paintings. After his fathers passing many of his fathers clients began to take notice in the artwork Ellis produced and so began his art career. At age 18, with they growing demand of his new art, he decided to fully focus on his art in order to help his mother now provide for the family. His dreams of becoming a scientist were now buried.

Ellis began reading about artists like Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and Henri Matisse – they inspired him with their great pieces of art. Besides his father Ellis’s major influence in painting batiks was derived from mouth painter-Chrisfold Chayera. Chrisfold mentored Ellis in developing his own style and separating himself from other Malawian artist.  Apart from painting batik, Ellis interests lye in doing the unique form of soil art-an art in which he uses different colours soils ,ashes and flour.  He has also been involved with a number of workshops in Malawi, helping other young artists develop their craft.  Ellis has been fortunate with the success of his artwork and has been featured in a numerous art exhibitions throughout Malawi.



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