PETER CHIKONDI profile – batik artist

Peter Chikondi born and resides in Malawi, is married and started doing art at an early age.    He developed an interest towards drawing pictures of things that interested him. He remembers getting a lot of joy in drawing people and animals in his village.

Peter was not able to proceed with education beyond primary level of education because his parents were too poor to afford school fees for him to continue to secondary education. He therefore found himself with lots of time to concentrate on perfecting his art. He began to get more serious on painting by using different medians including painting watercolors, arylic , oil  among others.

It wasn’t till 1989 that he met Mussa Chiwaula the prominent international batik artist whom he asked to be his understudy on the art of batik making.  He worked with him for a number of years and was taught he techniques of batiks. He introduced him to the concept of abstract art and after a very fruitful stint with him, he went solo and he held ever exhibition which were successful. From this success he became encouraged, shortly after he joined the Art Group, an art club that was formed to promote artistic talent. He sold his work to many admirers which included people who resided in neighboring countries including South Africa.

Like his mentor Mussa Chiwaula, he loves to draw things that interest him like people in the villages doing day to day activities and also wildlife. His ambition is to participate in many international exhibitions so that he shares his perceptions.

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