TED SAMUEL MKOWEKA profile – batik artist

Ted Samuel Mkoweka (born 1965 – 2005) Malawi, Africa was married with a wife named Judith and a daughter by the name Mercy.  On March 15, 2005 sadly Ted Samuel was a victim of severe malaria that he fought for weeks before suddenly passing away at the young age of 40. His art education background dates back from 1988 when he received his Junior Certificate of Education.  From 1988 until 1990 he attended Dedza secondary school in order to learn more about art.  After completing his education in 1992 he met a man from Zaire who taught him special type of art called ‘Batiks’.  From 1994 he became self employed painting Batiks while earning money and supporting his family.

Ted Samuel had a bright promising feature because of his rare artist talent.  When it came to batiks Ted was well know for his bright and colorful style he enjoyed using on his batiks.  He made a comfortable living making batiks and he helped his two brothers start painting batiks for a trade as well.  And now they also are self-employed.  Before he past away he was able teach his wife Judith the same trade.

Ted Samuel’s goal was to open a Gallery and promote upcoming artists to enable themselves sell their artwork.

resized-Colors (TSM 2)-Cropped resized-Green waves (TSM 1)VIEW & PURCHASE TED MKOWEKA PAINTINGS

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